Sonias Dance



  We offer many styles of multi-cultural dance classes for beginner, intermediate, and advance competitive levels. We specialize in Fusion Dancing and have choreographed many dance mixes between Latin and Ballroom, Hip Hop, Bollywood and other dance styles. Learn dance for Social, Performances, Competitions, and other Events. Choose from group and private class environment to suite your needs. Our Students have participated in many regional and national competitions and won! We hold performances and recitals every 3 months for students to showcase their learning. Put on your dancing shoes and start tapping like there is no tomorrow!  



Learn the latest craze in the dance floor! 

The craze of Bollywood dancing is catching on like fire! It is the hottest thing on the dance floor.  Bollywood dance emerged from India’s vibrant and visual cinema dubbed ‘Bollywood’, a film industry which is as old as Hollywood. At the heart of any Bollywood film are a number of beautifully written songs and brilliantly executed dances.

Bollywood dancing is energetic, graceful, expressive, and sensual all in one. It is a fusion of different dance styles from Indian classical to modern western dance to Arabic and Latino dance moves. Bolloywood dancing is a fun and funky dance taking in all the glitter and glamour of the Bollywood world.




Learn the timeless moves to your favourite Ballroom and Latin dances

At Sonias we provide beginner through advanced classes for many styles of ballroom and Latin dancing - Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Bachata, Meringue, Cha-Cha, Hustle, Swing, Two Step, and others. We teach both styles of ballroom dancing, American and International. 

American Style Ballroom would compliment more of your social dancing environments (weddings, office parties, holiday functions, nightclubs, etc.), due to the smooth rhythmatic motion of the hips and bending and straightening of the knees. American style features open work, under-arm turns, open extended lines, etc.

International Style Ballroom would be more of your competitive style ballroom. International is more pop and flash, due to the persons ending their steps on straight legs. International style requires a close proximity of the partners at all times, and hence can use the concept of a "common center" which allows for a three- dimensional body action in unison.

Lessons can be taken in 'private' or in an 'group' environment.  Private lessons give you the opportunity to form your dancing at your own pace. You can take private lessons by yourself, as a couple  or in a group. Group lessons are scheduled at fixed times during the evening and you can walk-in or buy packages in advance for a discount.

Practice Parties are occasionally held and provide an excellent environment for you to practice what  you have learnt as well as dance with different partners and learn to handle variations in personalities and dancing style.
We also hold
Social Ballroom Group Dances for our members and guests to learn dancing in a night club style setting.




Experience this beautiful art's empowering and healing qualities!

This exotic dance from the middle east is a beautiful way to express the beauty of being.  Belly dance  offers much more than fun, physical exercise and fantasy. In fact, women everywhere report their interest and experience with the dance has made a powerful difference in their lives for mental, physical, psychic and spiritual healing!




We offer the following Indian classical and folk dances Bhangra, Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Garba.                               

Bhangra is enjoying a new wave of success across the western cultures. Bhangra, at its grassroots level, is a lively form oftraditional Punjabi folk music and dance that originated in the fields of northern India to celebrate the harvest. Now with the fusion of Bhangra tunes with R&B, rap and hip-hop. Bhangra has become popular at just about every western club and social gatherings.

Bhangra beats are so powerful and enchanting that you cannot help but move to it. You can feel that drum beatrise in your body as the music takes you to a new level. You may try but you cannot stop dancing to the Bhangra beat!! It’s absolutely fun to do. You must experience it. It is easy..once you get the shoulder and arm movements, the rest is easy. This folk dance is just fun to learn!


Bharatanatyam is one of the popular Indian classical dance forms. It demands unconditional and complete dedication from the performer. The dynamic and earthy style of this dance makes it one of the most chosen forms of Indian classical art forms. Bharatanatyam is always performed with the knees of the dancers bent. The dance form emphasizes on the hand movements to convey different kinds of emotions to the spectator. While performing Bharatanatyam, the artist visualizes his/her body as made up of triangles. The steps of the dance are based upon a balanced distribution of body weight and firm positions of the lower limbs, allowing the hands to cut into a line, to flow around the body, or to take positions that enhance the basic form. In order to perform Bharatnatyam, the artist should have the knowledge of the numerous subtle features of the dance style. It uses four techniques Karanas, Hastas, Adavus, and Bhedas And Eye Movements