B  o  l  l  y  w  o  o  d



The craze of Bollywooddancing is catching on like fire! It is the hottest thing on the dance floor.  Bollywood dance emerged from India’s vibrant and visual cinema dubbed ‘Bollywood’, a film industry which is as old as Hollywood. At the heart of any Bollywood film are a number of beautifully written songs and brilliantly executed dances.

Bollywood dancing is absolute fantastic – it is energetic, graceful, expressive, and sensual all in one. It is a fusion of different dance styles from Indian classical to modern western dance to Arabic and Latino dance moves. Bolloywood dancing is a fun and funky dance taking in all the glitter and glamour of the Bollywood world.

If you want to dance like your favorite stars and be part of this latest craze that’s sweeping the world, then you must simply give this a try. Timing, rhythm, energy, smiles and sharp controlled, expressive movements and the use of full body movement are the ingredient to becoming a good Bollywood dancer.

It is easy to learn and fun to do. Whether you are a 4 year old or 40 years old, you can still do it. There is no experience necessary, just bring along plenty of energy, smiles, enthusiasm, and commitment.  And leave the rest to me.

The choice is yours. You can learn solo or in a group. You can learn on a particular song of your choice or we could suggest a suitable one to you. It will be tailored to your needs. There is no age limit – children 4 and above and adults of all ages are welcome to join.

Dance classes currently going on:
Love Story 2050 Kismat Konnection Aaja Nachle
Om Shanti Om Krazzy 4 Jab We Met
ashan Heyy Babyy Race


Bhangra is enjoying a new wave of success across the western cultures. Bhangra, at its grassroots level, is a lively form of traditional Punjabi folk music and dance that originated in the fields of northern India to celebrate the harvest. Now with the fusion of Bhangra tunes with R&B, rap and hip-hop. Bhangra has become popular at just about every western club and social gatherings.

Bhangra beats are so powerful and enchanting that you cannot help but move to it. You can feel that drum beatrise in your body as the music takes you to a new level. You may try but you cannot stop dancing to the Bhangra beat!!

It’s absolutely fun to do. You must experience it. And if you think you cannot learn it – well I must say you are wrong. Once you get the shoulder and arm movements, the rest is easy.  We guarantee that in just 6 classes we can have you learn this intoxicating dance that you would not want to stop. Call us and we can plan out a dance just for you. This folk dance is just fun to learn!

If it interests you, why wait? Call us.

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