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Sonia helped me choreograph a dance for my brother’s engagement party and it was a great hit! My family/guest loved my performance and I couldn’t have done it without Sonia. Her teaching style was professional and easy to learn. She is very patient with her students and works with them until the steps are perfected. She takes a lot of pride in her work and it really shows in the final dance performances. I would definitely work with Sonia again for my future performances! Thanks for your help!


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    I wanted to share my experience at a Diwali party last night with you all. Until last night I could never imagine dancing in any party due to lack of confidence and always felt embarrassed. But I had a blast night. I felt so much more confident and was able to dance straight for over 2hrs that even my kids were excited. I wanted to sincerely thank you and let you know how happy I am to have joined your class. I think this was the best money and time spent on myself.  I have found something I love and will enjoy doing...although my knees are still sore  so don't know how many more years there are left for it :). I admire you for spreading your wonderful talent to others like me. And I'll recommend your class to my other friends... SS  
    The first dance went really well, we enjoyed ourselves and our families/friends loved it too.  I thought it came out perfect, especially for that short time we had to learn/practice! It was a good mix of ballroom and bollywood... Shalini and Saumil.  
    It is a good and friendly atmosphere at Nupur (previous name of SONIAS). Kids get personal attention from beginners to advance level. Initially my daughter was reluctant to dance. She used to say, "It's hard to move my body with rhythm, i can not do it." I had never thought she will enjoy a dance class, but now she says "It is not as hard as I thought. It is fantastic! It is great!!"  Now both of my daughters are learning dance and having fun. They do not have stage fear at all and have more self-confidence... Alka.  
    I like dance class a lot. I like it because dancing is one of my hobbies and it gives me exercise. I like to learn dances on a lot of different Bollywood songs. Another reason I like dance class is because I have such a wondeful teacher. She is the best teacher in the world. I like to have her teach me all the dances that I can learn. Avni.  
    I was lucky to find Nupur (previous name of SONIAS), and of course Sonia who brought in the sangeet night from my dreams. Each sequence was planned carefully and selected on a theme. She puts tremendous efffort for each detail...Hats off to you Sonia!!  
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Sonia's Dance Rhythm family is committed to hard work and fun, and as you can see, SONIAS success in Bollywood speaks for itself....



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